Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake House (ANCL) Newspapers Info - Sri Lanka

Lake House (ANCL) information - Sri LankaLake House is Sri Lanka's oldest publication company and it is the only state run newspaper company. Lake House also known as Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL) is the largest newspaper company in South East Asia.

It publishes three daily and three weekends in all three major languages. Also it publishes five weekly, five education publications, two monthly and three annual publications in Sinhala, English and Tamil. The company is situated at the heart of the Colombo in front of the Berei Lake.
Dinamina, Daily News and Thinakaran are the dailies while Silumina,Sunday Observer and Thinakaran Waramanjari are the weekends. 
Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited is a Public Limited Liability Company incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1926. 75% of its shares were Nationalized under the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Special Provisions) Law No. 28 of 1973 and this stake is held by The Public Trustee of Sri Lanka on behalf of the Government.
Lake House is Sri Lanka's oldest publication company. It’s "Daily News"(Ceylon Daily News) (CDN) English daily was the first Sri Lankan Newspaper to be published on-line and currently it is the largest circulated English daily. 

At present Dinamina, Daily News, Thinakaran, Sunday Observer, Silumina, Budusarana and Sarasaviya publications are available on-line and continue to enjoy the privilege of being amongst the most widely accessed websites in Sri Lanka. 

ANCL is in the process of systematically introducing all publications to the ANCL website in the near future thus giving Sri Lankan expatriates as well as foreign communities opportunities of fast access to news in Sri Lanka.
Current Managing Director and the Chairman is Bandula Padmakumara. He has launched several educations publications.
According to the Mahinda Chinthana Vision to be the Asia’s Education hub, Lake House is printing several education publications targeting the schools and pre-schools children of Sri Lanka. 

Lake House Education Publications are Vidunena (Grade 5 Scholarship), Sithmina(O/L Exam), Arogya (Health), Navayugaya (General Knowledge), Mihira(Grade 4-8) , Athuru Mithuru (Pre School-Sinhala). Kutti Chutti(Pre School-Tamil) , Little Star(Pre School-English) , Muthu Ahura 1,2,3 & 4(Grade 1-4), Denamuthu(General Knowledge), Budu Suwanda(Dhamma School - Sinhala) & Mihithuru (Environmental & Photography).


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