Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ceylon Daily News

The Daily News (CDN) is an English language newspaper in Sri Lanka. It is now published by the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lake House), a government-owned corporation. The newspaper commenced publishing on 3 January 1918. D. R. Wijewardena was its founder.
The present-day newspaper is written as a broadsheet, with photographs printed both in color and black and white. Weekday printings include the main section, containing news on national affairs, international affairs, business, political analysis, sports, editorials and opinions. Every Thursday issue a free supplement in a tabloid paper called "Wisdom".
Lake House is Sri Lanka's oldest publication company. It’s "Daily News"(Ceylon Daily News) (CDN) English daily was the first Sri Lankan Newspaper to be published on-line and currently it is the largest circulated English daily.
The current editor-in-chief of the daily news is Lynn Ockersz. Read Daily News e-paper and online edition logging to .

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